Don’t Lose That Data!

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Setting up EventGhost

Update: You can download my EventGhost configuration file from the downloads section of this site.  Add it to your EventGhost folder and select File>Open in EventGhost to load it.

I find myself in the unfortunate position of having to reinstall and reconfigure EventGhost.  I say unfortunate, because all was configured and working well until yesterday when my HTPC locked up and I had to hard reboot it.  This is when I figured out that the configuration wasn’t saved…

Anyway, I thought I’d share start to finish how I’ve configured it to work with my box.  I’m running a dedicated HTPC Windows XP machine with an AMD Athlon II dual core 3GHZ and 2GB of RAM installed.  I currently have XBMC and BeyondTV installed.  I know, I know, BeyondTV is heading down the road to destruction, but that’s not the point of this post.  It works for me at the moment.

Video recording and remote control capabilities are provided by a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 card.  I’ve also replaced the remote that came with it with a Harmony One universal remote.

The configuration I run allows me to run either BeyondTV or XBMC from the desktop by pushing one button on the remote, and controls either program correctly.  I used to use the ir.exe that came with the Hauppauge, but configuration was a pain in the butt.  EventGhost is so much faster and easier!  Hats off to the author!

Let’s get started.

First of all, if you haven’t already click on the EventGhost link above and download the latest version of the program.  Double-click on the filename to install the program.  I won’t cover the install here, because it’s very basic and self-explanatory.

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Splitting a post into multiple pages in WordPress

Ok, it’s apparently my day for beating my head against the wall.  Just so that maybe I can prevent someone else from doing the same, I’ll share this little tidbit about splitting a long post into multiple pages on WordPress.  I’m sure the long-time bloggers know how to do this, but I’m a newbie at this and sure couldn’t find a complete explanation anywhere.

What I wanted to accomplish is to simply break up a post into pages on the homepage since it was kind of long.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Wrong!  Firstly, I looked at the toolbar to the built in editor – you know the one:

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Ubuntu Netbook Defies All Efforts To Install

I’ve played with linux off and on for several years now. I say played with because I have to say that in all honesty I would never trust any distro that I’ve ever tried on a production machine. At least not as a desktop machine. I’ve tried everything from Debian to Mandriva, DSL to Ubuntu, […]

Godaddy gotta go…

As I was registering and renewing a couple of domains on today, I realized that Godaddy has got to go. I’ve had my domains registered through them for several years now, but trying to slog through their interface today has made me rethink my decision. It’s amazing how many things they’re trying to sell […]

Murder a victimless crime in Kansas

Interestingly enough, murder is now a victimless crime. At least in Topeka, Kansas. Andres Arteaga-Vega, who according to witnesses was lured outside of a Topeka pool hall and shot to death during an attempted robbery, is apparently not a victim according to Shawnee County District Court Judge Evelyn Wilson. She has sided with defense attorney […]

King Tut died of Malaria

Of interest to Egyptology junkies like myself is the news that on Tuesday researchers revealed that King Tut most likely died of malaria. Also, x-rays showed that the boy king had multiple diseases and probably had to walk with a cane. This is probably pretty sound considering there were over 130 walking sticks found in […]

The Brøken – My thoughts

Last night I watched The Brøken and I was impressed. A psychological thriller with a touch of gore, it definitely keeps you guessing. Lena Headey plays Gina McVey, who sees herself drive by in her own car. You can imagine this would be a bit disturbing, and it contributes to her wrecking her car in […]

First Post – Let’s start this on an up note!

Ok. Let’s start this site out on a positive. I’ve owned this domain now for a number of years, but I’m FINALLY getting around to developing it! I envision this site being a place for me to vent irritations, give kudos, speculate on the meaning of life (ok, maybe not, but it sounds good), and […]